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‘PACKERA’ was founded by Mr. Mukund Kirdat in1995, in a small shed of 200 sq.ft. The first product was a ‘Sealing machine’. Thus began, a saga of innovation and excellence.
‘PACKERA’ started manufacturing tailor made machines for special purpose requirements of food industry. Today PACKERA’S machines are accepted all over India and are also exported to various countries. PACKERA’S growth so far, has been due to continious upgradation of technologies, products and the human resources.

Now, ‘PACKERA’ makes machines for packaging an ever expanding range of products like milk, edible oil, mineral water, souf, tea, grains, pulses, wheat flour, spices, cashewnuts, namkeen and many other products.

'PACKERA’ is located at Pune, about 100 kms, from Bombay, in India.

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